Mike Bugembe

[Award-winning Consultant on Data & AI]


Multi award winning consultant, successful author and popular speaker, Mike helps his clients utilize the power of Data & Artificial Intelligence to transform their business and develop it. This is exactly what he did with JustGiving, the online fundraising platform, which in a year gathered 20 million dollars thanks to the smart use of data and artificial intelligence by Bugembe and his team. He has been awarded as one of the Digital Masters of Great Britain and is considered one of the most effective experts in AI, while his book titled “Cracking The Data Code: Unlock the hidden value of data for your organization” was published a few months ago and he has shared as a keynote speaker the scene with important personalities such as Professor Stephen Hawking and Garry Kasparov.

Career Highlights

  • Featured on Forbes as “The Data Scientist who helped people to give more to Charity”
  • Author of “Cracking the Data Code”
  • International Keynote Speaker
  • Featured also on The Guardian, The Independent, Computer Weekly

[Understanding how AI works | Identifying Opportunities & Risks | Generating True Value for Your Business]

Why is it worth attending?

  • You learn what is possible and what is not in AI, you identify opportunities and which are the risks that you should avoid.
  • You obtain knowledge around the needs that are needed in technological infrastructure, investments in human resources, organizational structure, and corporate culture.
  • You develop a roadmap for a strategy utilization of the AI technologies, adapted to the needs of your department and your business.
“AI is the most transformative technology and is an integral part of the Business Transformation”
[13 Nov.]
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

08:45 - 09:30

Registration & Early-morning Networking

09:30 - 11:15

Session 1: Building a base understanding of AI
The course begins by establishing the required foundational understanding of what AI is and why it is important. In this section we will cover definitions of AI and her associated technologies. This will give you the language and framework that will be required for the rest of the course and will enable you to speak with technical experts in order to facilitate practical implementation.

11:15 - 11:40

Coffee & Networking Break

11:40 - 13:10

Session 2: Understanding how AI works
It is equally important to build a business level understanding of how AI works. This will create an appreciation of what it takes to get AI to generate true value for your business and will go a long way to help manage expectations of what AI can and cannot do. The concepts covered in this part of the course will help you create better project estimates by understanding the project lifecycle and typical timescales for implementing AI.

13:10 - 13:50

Lunch & Networking Break

13:50 - 15:20

Session 3: AI opportunities and risks
This part of the course helps you understand how to identify valuable opportunities in your organisation. You will gain an appreciation of where in the business and operating model, AI can be beneficial together with some of the business risks that it may create. This module will help you move from a general understanding of AI applications to specific, potential applications within your organisation and sector.

15:20 - 15:45

Coffee & Networking Break

15:45 - 17:15

Session 4: Ingredients to make AI work
This model will cover the remaining ingredients which will include data requirements (internal and external), technology and infrastructure requirements (in house vs. outsourced solutions), scalability, human resource requirements, organisational structure and the necessary cultural changes.